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What started as an operation within the MBL-Holland group, SAPHIRE-CTC has been independent since June 2013. By using the right concepts for our diverse group of clients, SAPHIRE-CTC can create a realistic scope in the early stages of any project. The result is visualised for all project stakeholders, creating sufficient time and attention to work out the project in detail along the way, or to adjust it if necessary.

Creative solution

This method has already resulted in our successful participation in various project groups, many of which SAPHIRE-CTC has led throughout the process. A realistic view of the feasibility of each proposed project is precisely the support that is valued by clients, since for them the real work starts only after the hardware has been delivered and put into operation. The wide variety of options for the final product offered by SAPHIRE gives your project every chance of success. We are not the supplier that makes standard products and then tell you, this is what you need. It’s about your training goals and the best matching training object with the desired finish. Finding a tailor-made solution is the challenge for us and makes the difference for your training centre.

More than just a supplier

The success of a project begins with the correct interpretation of client’s needs. It is important to be able to separate main issues from side issues. Without a good framework, there is a possibility that the result will not meet the client’s needs. Our passion is to realise the best possible product within that framework, and we get even more satisfaction out of it when we manage to exceed the client’s expectations.

The passion for the job is reflected in the commitment of management and engineers, and in combination with skilled craftsmen, you get a beautiful product.

H. van Riel, Safety Village, Tilburg

SAPHIRE-CTC is accessible, listens to the problem and tries to find a solution at very short notice. An extra visit to our training centre is not avoided.

R. Moleman, STC-KNRM, Rotterdam

The company SAPHIRE-CTC met and even exceeded our expectations as formulated in the CCTP (technical request) thanks to the attention it paid to our requests.

A. Moullac, SDIS 27, Évreux

SAPHIRE-CTC is willing to think along with you in the early stages of a project and is always available to answer questions. They are competent and a professional discussion partner.


How we create

In every phase, we can assist and advise you in the realisation or maintenance of your training objects. The team that deals on daily basis with design and realisation consists of specialists in his or her field. This team literally takes care of the entire process, from the initial concept to the complete realisation of each SAPHIRE-CTC project. At all times, the client come first when it comes to quality, value for money and progressive designs in which state-of-the-art technology is given a place wherever possible and desired.


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Our mission statement

SAPHIRE-CTC is committed to the innovative and creative development of state-of-the-art training hardware to ensure that professionals are prepared and trained to face the risks that may await them.

Our vision

Absorbing the assignment from the client’s point of view. This is where the unburdening starts, because a proposal is drawn up from a broad perspective in which as many areas as possible are considered and linked to each other. This creates an overall picture in which all layers of the client’s organisation can recognise themselves and can quickly jump in at the detail level and participate in the discussions.

Everybody on board, everyone is heard, everybody will be positive, project scores!

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