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Nowadays, various training courses have been developed for safely working at heights ranging from “Working on roofs”, “Working with fall protection”, “Evacuating from height” to learning how to rescue victims in a precarious situation at height. The working at height training objects are intended for sectors where people often work at height, for example the wind turbine industry on land and at sea, construction and industry.

Windturbine object

Due to the emerging market of renewable energy at sea, a safety training standard by the GWO has been developed which has become mandatory for working in this industry. The dangers of working at height here are the same as onshore only the accessibility for emergency services is very poor to non-existent. This means that employees in this sector are really left to their own devices, especially when it comes to evacuation, rescue, first aid and firefighting.

The GWO standard therefore imposes strict requirements on the training but also on the training objects to be used. Since the introduction of this standard, SAPHIRE-CTC has developed and built various GWO training objects for several clients. These can range from a ladder system all the way to the supply of a complete wind turbine converted into a fully-fledged training object for the use of climbing materials, rescue at height, firefighting and evacuation.

Utility object

The use of safety equipment and climbing techniques in construction is common and will become more, so as we climb higher and higher. A growing market is that of solar panels on house roofs.

Since working at heights has always been subject to strict rules, new techniques have been developed for working on roofs with climbing materials. These include the use of fall arrest blocks and roofline sets, which make it possible to work even more safely on flat and sloping roofs. SAPHIRE-CTC has developed various training objects for training safe working in the construction industry and on flat and pitched roofs.

The smallest detail can define the success of a training object.

Industrial object

In the petrochemical industry, safety standards have always been of a high level and the use of climbing techniques and fall arrest devices is also increasing. Nowadays, there are many companies that use climbing techniques to carry out work whereby the construction of traditional scaffolding is no longer necessary.

The exercises that need to be practised include working at height, working in confined spaces, rope access, rescuing from height, evacuating from height, rescuing from confined spaces. SAPHIRE-CTC has developed various training objects for these exercises, which can be used in a multifunctional way in accordance with the set regulations. The objects can be adapted to the specific needs of the client.

Other objects

When building training objects for work at height and depth, clients often have specific requirements. Every training centre wants to be unique with its training objects to distinguish itself from the rest.

This can range from adapting an existing object to providing all the structural modifications that are missing at the training centre. It is not always necessary to build completely new training objects when several adjustments to existing objects or structures can also provide good training.

Do you have a project in mind that is not directly reflected in the examples above , please feel free to contact us. We look forward to a new creative challenge!

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