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A company born out of passion for our profession, a place where we build and create together! It goes without saying that we strive for a good result, because that is what makes working in technology so rewarding. That is what we do it for.

That makes us proud!

With the focus on quality, we as an employer also focus on fair employment practices. We give you the space to be creative, take responsibility and strong teamwork ensures that you can learn from each other. We facilitate. This allows you to grow in knowledge and skills, and you will see this reflect in the results.

We are more than just builders. We are Creators!
Creators of Training Hardware!



We are one team! We call it FC SAPHIRE. The client is our audience and within the team everyone fulfils their own role to produce a great match. We have a project manager, several engineers, foremen, electricians, and steel construction workers. We can build on each other through trust in the team.  In addition, the coach (Ronald) ensures that the team continues to improve. For example, there are development opportunities from steel construction worker to job leader/foreman. Employees follow an internal personal leadership course, and everyone is given the freedom to learn and improve in his/her profession.



What do we think is important?

That you love your work! Our work is our hobby, and it feels like it! Every day we get satisfaction from delivering quality and we will continue to do so. We believe in fair employment practices that encourage personal growth and development. This increases the knowledge and skills of the team and thus the organisation. And that is what we are going for together!

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