Training centres and training objects

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There is more to developing a training centre than just buying several training objects. To realise a good training centre, certain steps should be followed. SAPHIRE-CTC can inform and advise you in making the right choices.

Developing training centres

Besides advising on and supplying of training objects, SAPHIRE-CTC can also advise on the realisation of a complete training centre. Every project consists of different phases where choices must be made based on three parameters being money, time and quality. By asking the right questions, the right decisions can be made.

In addition to the two product lines, Standard training objects and Xpert-build objects, SAPHIRE-CTC also has various concepts for the development and realisation of a complete training centre. These can be centres for firefighting or maritime training and from compact locations to centres with thousands of students per year. By sitting down with the client at an early stage, the project benefits in many ways. The client’s idea is quickly converted into a design with images which makes it easier for all concerned to grasp the design. The wide range of objects already built by SAPHIRE-CTC makes it possible to draw up a reliable investment budget. This shortens the lead time of the entire project and gives the client time to spend on other matters.

Purchasing a training object

If it is not yet entirely clear which training object is necessary for achieving the training goals, SAPHIRE-CTC can help you design it. Using sketches, we can look at all the possibilities and whether these are in line with your set goals.

Whether it is a first indication or a definitive request, SAPHIRE-CTC always tries to tailor the training object specifically to the client’s requirements. The balance between money, time and quality can be slightly different for each client. We advise on the consequences of the choices made. Each training centre often has its own working protocols or preferences that can affect the exercise object. In many cases, adjusting the system to these wishes is a small effort for us, but it makes a big difference for the end user. It is therefore rare that we build two exact same training objects. It is precisely because we do not build the same thing every time that we enjoy this profession.