New training objects with Smoke Treatment System at the SDIS-68

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SAPHIRE-CTC was able to deliver a fine project for the SDIS 68 last year. This project consists an Observation unit with smoke treatment system and a Container Track for scenario training.

Observation unit with Smoke Treatment System

The Observation unit has an elevated fire room with SAPHIRE-CTC heat resistant stones.

The fire room is equipped with profiles for placing pallets and plates. By a flap in the roof the smoke can be discharged to the connected smoke treatment system. For training the instructor only has to turn on the installation, after which training can take place without any additional actions. The instructor decides how much smoke to extract using the valves. After training, the installation can be switched off and is ready for the next training.

Multifuctional Container Track

Besides the Observation unit for demonstrating fire progression, there is also a Container Track for training multiple scenarios. The Container Track has three (3) floors furnished with larger and smaller rooms and objects. With different turning walls and doors it is possible to simulate different scenarios. A smoke machine can create a layer of smoke in all rooms for different scenarios.

SAPHIRE-CTC wishes the SDIS-68 many educational and safe training sessions in their new objects and looks forward to further future collaborations.

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