Clean Emission Clean Emission Clean Emission


Many sites are faced with the problem of meeting the applicable emission control requirements or limiting the nuisance.

Saphire has the perfect answer to enable you to use wood and gas-fired units at full capacity and still not violating the rules, nor offering those living around you any cause for complaint. the Clean Exhaust is the solution that minimises visible emissions and, in addition, meets all requirements of the Netherlands Emisson Guideline for Air (NeR).

This guideline was designed to limit the emission of noxious gasses. In addition to installing the Clean Exhaust to SAPHIRE-CTC training units, it may also be installed on many other existing types and makes of training units, preparing them for the future!

We would be very willing to advise you on the installation of the Clean Exhaust onto your unit!

Please contact SAPHIRE to discuss your ideas or your requirements in strict confidence. E-mail us at or call us on +31 (0)181-473733 — available 24/7 !!