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SAPHIRE CTC is building a global reputation as the developer and producer of standard and XpertBuild training objects. Saphire’s unique characteristic is that it offers services not only to the world of fire fighting but also to the offshore/maritime world.



Having started out as an operation within the MBL-Holland group, SAPHIRE has been firmly independent since June 2013. By using the right concepts for our diverse group of clients, SAPHIRE is able to create a realistic scope in the early stages of any project, visualising the end result for all the project stakeholders, and providing enough time and attention to work out the project in detail as it proceeds, or make adjustments if necessary.

This method has already resulted in our successful participation in several client project groups, many of which SAPHIRE led during the whole process. A realistic view of the feasibility of any proposed project is exactly the support that is appreciated by clients as, for them, the real work starts after the hardware has been delivered and commissioned. The fact that SAPHIRE also offers a choice between standard and XpertBuild products is often the deciding factor. The large array of possibilities for the final product that SAPHIRE offers means that your project has every chance of success.


As a client, you do not want to focus exclusively on the hardware and this could be the deciding factor in choosing to work together with SAPHIRE in implementing your project. Engineering and production are carried out entirely within our own reliable organisation. This means a shorter delivery time for you and enables us to alter features, professionally and successfully, right up to the last minute of any project.

In order to get your training unit online as soon as possible, it is important to have the entire project carried out from one production line. SAPHIRE can do this and has two production facilities where both the standard and the XpertBuild units can be built to the client’s final product specifications. Complete control over your project and a short delivery time are the keys to your successful training unit!


After the successful completion of your project, these units must be maintained on a regular basis. Your own organisation is, of course, perfectly capable of carrying out standard maintenance, but we strongly recommend that a certified professional service partner services your units annually. Again, you can rely on SAPHIRE for this service and repair work. We have a strong team of committed and highly skilled maintenance staff who will undertake the full and detailed maintenance of your unit.

Every service engineer is equipped with a mobile workshop to perform any small to medium-sized repairs on site. In addition to service and repairs on SAPHIRE training units, we also handle service and repairs to other fire-fighting training units. Please contact us by telephone or by e-mail. Your will find our contact details at the back of this brochure.


If an instructor has certain preferences in training hardware, he should choose Saphire XpertBuild. Saphire CTC recognises the importance of being able to fine-tune and adjust the training unit to the needs of the actual user. By using our logical design and the many examples we have available, we can present to you a proposal based on the instructor’s own wishes in a short space of time.

Such proposals have often been exactly what the client required and the price was often a pleasant surprise. XpertBuild is logical design aimed at your budget.

Please contact SAPHIRE to discuss your ideas or your requirements in strict confidence. E-mail us at or call us on +31 (0)181-473733 — available 24/7 !!